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Knockdow House

Knockdow House is a gorgeous Scottish mansion nestled in the foothills of Argyll’s mountains. At any time of year this is a peaceful and quiet property surrounded by nature, wildlife and scenery. However, the summer months are particularly appealing, with flowers in full bloom and nature in abundance.

A Brief History of Knockdow House

Hundreds of years ago, Knockdow House belonged to Clan Lamont, a powerful clan that is also one of the oldest recorded in Scotland. The final Laird of Knockdow to leave his legacy was Sir Norman Lamont, an intelligent and scholarly individual with a passion for politics and agriculture.

As Sir Norman failed to leave an heir upon passing away, the property ceased to belong to the Lamont Clan. Over the years the property has been used as a wedding venue, however today, it is privately owned and run.

Visiting Argyll

While Knockdow House is no longer open to the public, there’s an immense amount to see and do in this part of the world. One of the best times to visit Argyll is in the summer – weather permitting of course!

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