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Knockdow House is situated close to the town of Dunoon, in the county of Argyll and Bute. Famous for its friendly locals, stunning scenery and the Victorian Pier, there is plenty to do here no matter your interests.

Going beyond the town of Dunoon gives you plenty of opportunities to explore Argyll, a real treat for the senses offering an exciting and diverse opportunity to discover this remote part of the world.

Ready to head out and about? Here are some superb routes to follow:

Lochgolihead and the Cowal Peninsula

There are a number of tours to choose from when exploring Argyll. Lochgolihead and the Cowal peninsula are considered an excellent base for exploring Scotland. These charming tours offer an opportunity to soak in the scenery, get to know the locals and visit some of the region’s most iconic destinations, such as Edinburgh, Oban and Glencoe.

When driving through Argyll, make sure you take a map with you! Take your time and remember that while it might not look far on the map, there are plenty of single track roads which can take up a significant amount of your journey. This is by no means a bad thing, as it gives you the chance to pull over and soak in the views, take some photographs or go for a walk.

You might even wish to stop off for a coffee at a local café, a bite to eat or a wonder around a gallery. Do remember though that opening hours are often seasonal, so be sure to check with them for the most up-do-date information.

There truly is so much to do in Scotland, whether you prefer to explore off-the-beaten-track, visit some local museums or indulge in some delicious seafood.

Tours and Guides

Rather than going alone, there are also tour options to choose from, where you will be able to explore specific parts of Argyll and Bute. For instance, one tour in particular covers the east of Cowal, where guests will be treated to amazing views, trips to galleries and secret villages. There are so many tours to choose from – it just depends on whether you prefer nature, history or a combination of the two!

While Knockdow House is not open to the public, there are so many places in the surrounding region to discover. From the town of Dunoon to the wider region of Argyll, there are plenty of secrets at every turn, just waiting to be explored!