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Knockdow House is an 18th century Georgian property located on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll, Scotland.

This glorious property, built around 1753, has a look and feel about it that you simply wouldn’t find in a modern home. It also has a deeply entrenched history that is inevitable with such an old property. Countless people have lived and worked here, and there are no doubt many events that have taken place here that we will simply never know about, but can only imagine.

Knockdow House has many features that are representative of Georgian properties, including harled walls and slated roofing. It also has symmetrical windows and columns, as well as grand entrances, arches and columns, all of which add to the classic Georgian look and feel of this exquisite mansion.

Living in an 18th century home will not come without its challenges. However, provided you understand the potential challenges and learn how to deal with them, then living in an older property can be a special and enjoyable experience.

Here are some of the unique potential challenges you may face with an older property:

  1. Electrical Wiring

Georgian properties, like all older buildings, feature an old form of electrical wiring known as knob and tube wiring. Often, knob and tube wiring will have to replaced, which is costly, but this is probably the biggest problem you will face when moving into an older house.

  • Lead Paint

Lead paint can also be an issue, and presents a health hazard if it is flaking or chipping. Home owners should look at repainting a home featuring lead paint, particularly with children on the scene.

  • Lead Pipes

While lead has been used in piping since Roman times, it can cause great damage to the body. As such, lead pipes should be replaced.

  • Unique Architectural Features

Knockdow House has many unique architectural features, including exotic woods, intricate antique glass windows and a domed cupola in the former great hall. Features such as these are not uncommon in older properties and of course require specialist help to ensure they are properly maintained.

  • Historical Regulations

Older properties are often listed buildings and Knockdow House is no exception. This historic property is a Category B listed building and is protected by Historic Environment Scotland (HES), meaning it requires a higher level of maintenance compared with a standard property.

Living in a Georgian property is not without its challenges. However, provided you understand the implications and take good care of the property, it will be very rewarding indeed.